Expoforest 2018 is introduced to the forestry market

Already recognized by the forestry sector as the most important trade fair in Brazil, Expoforest 2018 was introduced to over 120 market specialists this week as the biggest and most extreme global forestry fair of the year. “In 2018, Expoforest will be the most important forestry fair in the world’s calendar. Moreover, our exhibitors and visitors will be able to fully experience the extreme essence of our fair. After all, in the global scenario, Expoforest is one of the dynamic forestry fairs with the most practical demonstrations of biomass, wood harvesting and trasportation operations. It is with this spirit in mind that the motto Extreme Forestry Fair came to be,” explained Jorge R. Malinovski, general director of Malinovski, organizers of Expoforest.

Believing in this concept, companies such as Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu Forest, Ponsse, Volvo, Scania, Tracbel, New Holland, Agroceres, Syngenta, FMC, Liebheer, Sthil, and dozens of other world-famous enterprises have signed anticipated contracts for exhibiting in Expoforest 2018. “These previous confirmations increase our responsibility as organizers beholden to our partners and to the Brazilian forestry sector as a whole, which eagerly awaits and even better event than the last,” said Jorge R. Malinovski.

The organizing committee expects the 2018 edition to be 20% larger in scope than the 2014 edition in number of exhibitors present at the fair. Expoforest 2018 will take place from April 11th to 13th, in the city of Santa Rita do Passa Quatro (Ribeirao Preto Area), in an areaof 200 hectares of cloned eucalyptus forest  belonging to International Paper, which once agains opens its doors for Expoforest to take place. “We thank the company immensely for all the support that has been given us and for their dedication in helping us pinpoint the ideal location for the next edition of our fair,” the Malinovski general director concluded.

Denis Carmanhani, from International Paper, also spoke about the partnership. “It is an honor for IP to have maintained this collaboration with Expoforest for the past six years. Once again, we will be the official hosts and we hope this partnership continues for many future editions”, he said. Mr. Carmanhani also spoke of potential of the forestry sector and its main challenges: “We as an industry are going through productivity, logistics and operationa challenges. Therefore, a fair like Expoforest is a spectacular opportunity for networking and development. It is a legacy we will leave for the future of our industry.”

Edson Tadeu Iede, director of Embrapa Florestas, was also present at the kick-off event and took the opportunity to highlight the importance of the planted forest sector. “Our industry, even in times of economic crysis, managed to grow 3%, producing around USD 70 billion, a result we are very proud of and one that helps us get through these changing times we live in – something highly positive for the entire Brazilian forestry sector”, said Mr. Iede.

Representatives of the Expoforest Board – formed by Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu Forest, Ponsse and Tigercat – were also present at the event, where they shared their thoughts on the next Expoforets with the attendees. “Caterpillar’s relationship with Malinovski began nearly 40 years ago and we are very proud of that. Being a part of the Expoforest Board is quite important for us, as we are able to help plan strategic actions for the fair,” said Caterpillar’s Pedro Aragão.

Lonard do Santos, marketing and sales manager at Komatsu Forest, emphasized the company’s enthusiasm regarding Expoforest 2018. “Today, we are proud to see Expoforest as a main highlight in the international calendar of global forestry fairs. Brazil, as many are aware, is not always seen as positively as developed nations due to widespread issues with outdated technology and bureaucracy, but the forestry sector has thankfully shown enough expertise and technology to compete on par with any other market – something Expoforest has proven time and time again,” he told the attendees.

Ponsse’s Fernando Campos talked about the company’s involvement in its ten years of operations in Brazil: “We are the youngest company here, but we’ve always bet – quite rightly – on Expoforest. It is our pleasure to be a part of the Board and to be able to contribute to the organization of the event, which has secured an important place in the international scenario. Moreover, Expoforest is an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase technologies that may help the sector to develop further and which are available worldwide.”


The event:
Expoforest is the only dynamic forestry fair of the Americas. On its 3rd edition, carried out at Mogi Guaçu, 208 exhibitors presented equipment and technology used for wood production from planted forests. Overall, 25.107 visitors from 27 countries and 26 Brazilian states were present in the event. Business transactions at the fair resulted in over R$ 152 million in sales. Malinovski is the organizer of the event.

Expoforest 2018
Date: April 11th to 13th, 2018
Location: Ribeirão Preto Area – São Paulo state – Brazil)
Phone numbers: +55 (41) 3049-7888 / +55 (41) 9 9924-3993
E-mail: expoforest@malinovski.com.br