Global brands and associations ready for Expoforest 2014

ABARAF Executive Director talks about the importance of the planted forest sector and Expoforest 2014 – Brazilian Forestry Fair

It is an undisputable fact that Brazilian planted forests are a worldwide benchmark, not only due to the country’s outstanding natural conditions and productivity, but also thanks to advanced genetic research, planning, mechanized harvest and effective management systems. For the Executive Director of ABRAF (Brazilian Association of Planted Forest Producers), Luiz Cornacchioni, Expoforest 2014 – Brazilian Forestry Fair is the pinnacle of such a positive scenario. “The country has evolved greatly in the past decades, which allowed for greater interest from international brands. Today, global corporations bet heavily on our market and are set to be present as exhibitors in Expoforest 2014”, said Mr. Cornacchioni.

Some important factors are responsible for catching the eye of not only these important multinational companies, but also from the highest echelons of Brazilian government. The ABRAF Executive Director highlighted the great results in business deals closed at Expoforest 2011, as well as the number of visitors and the improvement of the region’s economy during the fair. “Results achieved in the previous edition were already meaningful enough, and are only more striking when the link between the forestry sector and the development of the nation is made clear”, he elaborated.

Today, the Brazilian planted forest sector represents nearly 4.5% of the country’s GDP, or BRL 56 billion a year, and is an important part of Brazil’s booming agribusiness, the nation’s most important industry by a large margin. “Even though the forestry sector has a different ebb and flow than cultures such as soy, corn and hay, we are a part of Brazil’s greatest industry, directly responsible for maintaining our exports and economic surplus”, Mr. Cornacchioni concluded.

Expoforest 2014, taking place from May 21st to 23rd, is a part of the official ABRAF calendar and a member of FDF (Forestry Demo Fairs), an international network of dynamic forestry fairs which ensures every event is held to the highest standards of security and quality for visitors and exhibitors alike. The world’s largest forestry fairs, such as Elmia Wood (Sweden), KWF Tagung (Germany), Euroforest (France) and Eko-Las (Poland) are all members of the same network.