Curitiba, 1977: in this year, a seminar conceived by Jorge Malinovski, a wood harvesting enthusiast in Brazil, started a series of events that culminated in the conception of Expoforest, currently the only dynamic forestry fair in Latin America.

In 2018, the fourth edition of the fair had 240 exhibiting companies. The total audience of 30,645 people, from more than 30 countries, was able to experience and participate in static and dynamic demonstrations of the main areas of the forestry production chain: silviculture, forest inputs, wood harvesting, transport, technology, biomass and wood processing.

Worldwide launches of machines, implements and purpose-built equipment (specifically designed for forestry activity) are expected again for the fair in 2023.

If in 2018 the technological evolution was already impressive, the expectation for 2023 is for something even more impactful. Some of the topics that will be part of the fair are: mechanization of silviculture, wood harvesting more efficiently, the use of intelligent fleets, programs guided by satellite images and genetic improvement of the main species used in the silviculture.