Expoforest 2011 – first dynamic edition

The first dyamic edition of Expoforest overcame all expectations when it was held in Mogi Guaçu (Sao Paulo state) in an area of 118 hectares of cloned eucalyptus forest, owned by International Paper. This was a breath of fresh air for forest fair in Latin America, as the visitors got the chance to see machinery and equipment in action, as well as witnessing firsthand other operations showcased during the three days of the event. It was, at the time, the only dynamic forest fair in Latin America.

Visited by professionals from all over Brazil, and many other countries as well, Expoforest 2011 resulted in over BRL 100 million in business deals. John Deere, Caterpillar, Ponsse, Komatsu Forest, Tigercat, Noma, Penz Saur, Randon, Stihl, Scania and many other key players were able to sell and demonstrate their new products. Over 158 exhibitors were present, as were visitors from 743 cities in the 26 Brazilian states and 26 other countries, such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Sweden, UK and South Africa.

Following its success, Expoforest was accepted as an aspiring member of FDF (Forestry Demo Fairs), an international network of dynamic fairs which guarantees high levels of quality and security for visitors and exhibitors alike. Other FDF members include Elmia Wood (Sweden), KWF Tagung (Germany), Eko-las (Poland) and Euroforest (France).