About ExpoForest

Brazil is a world reference when it comes to planted forest. We have exceptional edaphoclimatic conditions, advanced genetic science and constantly evolving cultural tracts. According to the Ibá 2022 report, the country has almost 10 million hectares with planted forests of eucalyptus and pine, the most productive in the world, which supply the pulp and paper industries, reconstituted panels, steel, and mechanically processed wood products.


In recent years, Brazil has attracted international investments for the sector, opening new forest frontiers and gaining scale by improving techniques, uses of new technologies and investments in research.


Expoforest – Brazilian Forestry Fair, was born within this context in 2008, when it was held for the first time, exclusively statically, in Curitiba (PR). In 2011, it achieved another proportion becoming the only dynamic forestry fair in Latin America that presents technologies aimed at the production of wood from planted forests. Over the course of editions and with its growth, it became, in 2014, the largest forestry fair in the Americas.


In 2011 and 2014, Expoforest editions were held in the municipality of Mogi Guaçu (SP), in eucalyptus clonal planting areas, belonging to International Paper (current Sylvamo). Exceeding all expectations, they put Brazil in a position of global prominence. In 2018, the fair took place in Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, Ribeirão Preto Region (SP), also in the area of the partner Sylvamo and gathered 30,654 visitors, with 240 exhibitors.


This innovation in forestry events in Latin America has ensured visitors the possibility to see machines and equipment in operation. A unique experience, which provides the visitor with the true extreme feeling of the reality of the planted forests in Brazil.


Expoforest 2023 is expected to bring together around 300 exhibiting companies and receive about 40 thousand visitors.

History of the fair

For over 38 years of uninterrupted events discussing wood harvesting and trasportation systems, machinery and equipment manufacturers and sales companies expressed their dream of having, in Brazilian territory, a forestry trade fair focused on showcasing in dynamic displays new technologies for timber production in planted forests.


This dream became a reality in 2011, when the managing board of Expoforest (Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu Forest and Ponsse) motivated the creation of the fair, held by Malinovski as the first and only dynamic forestry fair in Latin America.


Where it all started

2008 Edition

From November 10th to 14th, 2008, the 1st Brazilian Forestry Week was held in Curitiba (Paraná state), encompassing the 15th Update Seminar on Wood Harvesting and Transportation Systems, the 1st Brazilian Silviculture Meeting and the 1st Expoforest – Brazilian Forestry Fair, as well as the 3rd Brazilian Meeting of Service Providers in the Forestry Market.

In its 2008 edition, Expoforest was still a static event, with 58 exhibitors and 4,250 visitors from 16 countries, resulting in BRL 40 million in business deals.


First dynamic edition

2011 Edition

The first dyamic edition of Expoforest overcame all expectations when it was held in Mogi Guaçu (Sao Paulo state) in an area of 118 hectares of cloned eucalyptus forest, owned by International Paper. This was a breath of fresh air for forest fair in Latin America, as the visitors got the chance to see machinery and equipment in action, as well as witnessing firsthand other operations showcased during the three days of the event. It was, at the time, the only dynamic forest fair in Latin America.

Visited by professionals from all over Brazil, and many other countries as well, Expoforest 2011 resulted in over BRL 100 million in business deals. John Deere, Caterpillar, Ponsse, Komatsu Forest, Tigercat, Noma, Penz Saur, Randon, Stihl, Scania and many other key players were able to sell and demonstrate their new products. Over 158 exhibitors were present, as were visitors from 743 cities in the 26 Brazilian states and 26 other countries, such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Sweden, UK and South Africa.


Following its success, Expoforest was accepted as an aspiring member of FDF (Forestry Demo Fairs), an international network of dynamic fairs which guarantees high levels of quality and security for visitors and exhibitors alike. Other FDF members include Elmia Wood (Sweden), KWF Tagung (Germany), Eko-las (Poland) and Euroforest (France).


Third edition

2014 Edition

The third edition of Expoforest, held in 2014, broke attendance records during the three days of the fair. In total, Expoforest 2014 – Brazilian Forestry Fair received 25,107 visitors from all Brazilian states and the following countries: South Africa, Germany, Argentina, Austria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Congo, Ecuador, Spain, Finland, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Czech Republic, Senegal, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Uruguay and Venezuela.

208 exhibitors were present at the fair, showcasing machines and equipment in dynamic (field operations) and static displays. Business transactions resulted in over BRL 152 million in closed deals. Thus, Expoforest became the biggest dynamic forestry fair in the Americas.


Fourth edition

2018 Edition

Held on April 11th-13th, the 4th Expoforest – Brazilian Forestry Fair brought together 240 exhibitors and 30 thousand visitors in one of the largest and most dynamic forest events in the world in 2018.

The fair took place in a forest of 200 hectares of clonal eucalyptus, belonging to International Paper (current Sylvamo), in Santa Rita do Passo Quatro, region of Ribeirão Preto/SP.

During the fair, visitors were able to check out the news in the exhibitors' areas of activity, which are diverse and include fertilizers, forest insurance, grapples, trucks and timber bunks, saws, herbicides and fungicides, drones and UAVs, forest tires, management software, weather stations, timber harvester heads and implements, off-road vehicles, formed baits, pots/tubes, hydraulic systems, personal safety equipment, forest fire detection solutions, valves and connections, technologies for forest nurseries and seed production, sprayers, mechanized forestry machines, telemetry systems, chippers, crushers and technologies for forest biomass – and so much more.

What to expect from the 2023 edition


hectares of planted eucalyptus forests


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